Broadway Theatre Center

The Broadway Theatre Center houses two unique theaters: the 358-seat Cabot Theatre, a replication of an 18th-century European opera house and the 99-seat Studio Theatre, a versatile black box space. Skylight Music Theatre owns and operates the Broadway Theatre Center at 158 N. Broadway in Milwaukee’s Historic Third Ward.

The Broadway Theatre Center is home to three performing theatre companies

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The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee
A group of quirky, socially awkward over-achievers find joy, heartache and a purpose as they compete at the regional spelling bee. Winner of two Tony Awards, The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee charms audiences with its effortless wit and humor, fast-paced and touching story, and fresh, vibrant score by William Finn (Falsettos, A New Brain). It’s a wildly funny, riotous ride where winning (and losing) isn't everything.
Fri 2/7/20 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Sat 2/8/20 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Sun 2/9/20 2:00PM Cabot Theatre
Wed 2/12/20 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Thu 2/13/20 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Fri 2/14/20 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Sat 2/15/20 2:00PM Cabot Theatre
Sat 2/15/20 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Sun 2/16/20 2:00PM Cabot Theatre
Tue 2/18/20 6:30PM Cabot Theatre
Wed 2/19/20 2:00PM Cabot Theatre
Wed 2/19/20 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Thu 2/20/20 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Fri 2/21/20 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Sat 2/22/20 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Sun 2/23/20 2:00PM Cabot Theatre

Evita (Staged Concert Version)
This staged concert version is a special limited run of the seven-time Tony Award-winning megawatt musical. The story follows Eva Duarte and her meteoric rise from impoverished child to wife of Argentine president Juan Perón and finally, to becoming the most powerful woman in Latin America.
Fri 3/20/20 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Sat 3/21/20 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Sun 3/22/20 2:00PM Cabot Theatre
Wed 3/25/20 2:00PM Cabot Theatre
Wed 3/25/20 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Thu 3/26/20 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Fri 3/27/20 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Sat 3/28/20 2:00PM Cabot Theatre
Sat 3/28/20 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Sun 3/29/20 2:00PM Cabot Theatre

Leonard Bernstein's operetta is a masterpiece for the ages. Based on Voltaire's satire of innocence, optimism and life’s unexpected lessons, Candide tells the story of two young people, their round-the-world romp and series of absurdly unfortunate events. Bridging the gap between musicals and opera, Candide holds a special place in Skylight history, produced twice at Skylight’s old space on Jefferson Street. This is its first time on the Cabot stage.
Fri 4/17/20 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Sat 4/18/20 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Sun 4/19/20 2:00PM Cabot Theatre
Wed 4/22/20 2:00PM Cabot Theatre
Thu 4/23/20 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Fri 4/24/20 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Sat 4/25/20 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Sun 4/26/20 2:00PM Cabot Theatre
Tue 4/28/20 6:30PM Cabot Theatre
Wed 4/29/20 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Thu 4/30/20 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Fri 5/1/20 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Sat 5/2/20 2:00PM Cabot Theatre
Sat 5/2/20 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Sun 5/3/20 2:00PM Cabot Theatre
Wed 5/6/20 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Thu 5/7/20 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Fri 5/8/20 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Sat 5/9/20 2:00PM Cabot Theatre
Sat 5/9/20 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Sun 5/10/20 2:00PM Cabot Theatre