Broadway Theatre Center

The Broadway Theatre Center houses two unique theaters: the 358-seat Cabot Theatre, a replication of an 18th-century European opera house and the 99-seat Studio Theatre, a versatile black box space. Skylight Music Theatre owns and operates the Broadway Theatre Center at 158 N. Broadway in Milwaukee’s Historic Third Ward.

The Broadway Theatre Center is home to three performing theatre companies

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Ties 4 Guys Presents: The Rest In Peace Tour Michael Jackson vs Prince Vocal Battle
Ties 4 Guys Nonprofit has partnered up with Mil Town Record label to Present: The Rest In Peace Tour! Starring The RnB of soul’s D.Rose as Michael Jackson and Singing Rob as Purple Rain Prince.
Sun 7/28/19 7:30PM Cabot Theatre

Rag Head
Critically acclaimed one woman show RAG HEAD addresses hate, hope and American identity. Since 9/11 there have been an alarming increase in hate crimes committed against immigrant communities. Sikhs have become an easy target. Set in a small American town seven characters’ lives are forever changed by one hateful act.
Sat 8/3/19 2:00PM Broadway Theatre Center
Sat 8/3/19 7:30PM Broadway Theatre Center
Sun 8/4/19 2:00PM Broadway Theatre Center

Unnecessary Farce
Paul Slade Smith’s truly criminal comic sensation is an absolutely necessary summertime treat!
Fri 8/9/19 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Sat 8/10/19 8:00PM Cabot Theatre
Sun 8/11/19 2:00PM Cabot Theatre
Wed 8/14/19 1:00PM Cabot Theatre
Wed 8/14/19 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Thu 8/15/19 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Fri 8/16/19 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Sat 8/17/19 4:00PM Cabot Theatre
Sat 8/17/19 8:00PM Cabot Theatre
Sun 8/18/19 2:00PM Cabot Theatre
Wed 8/21/19 1:00PM Cabot Theatre
Thu 8/22/19 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Fri 8/23/19 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Sat 8/24/19 4:00PM Cabot Theatre
Sat 8/24/19 8:00PM Cabot Theatre
Sun 8/25/19 2:00PM Cabot Theatre

Fires in the Mirror: Crown Heights, Brooklyn and Other Identities
Anna Deavere Smith’s landmark play, presented with two actors playing 26 roles, is a theatrical event that cannot be missed!
Fri 9/20/19 7:30PM Studio Theatre
Sat 9/21/19 8:00PM Studio Theatre
Sun 9/22/19 2:00PM Studio Theatre
Wed 9/25/19 1:00PM Studio Theatre
Wed 9/25/19 7:30PM Studio Theatre
Thu 9/26/19 7:30PM Studio Theatre
Fri 9/27/19 7:30PM Studio Theatre
Sat 9/28/19 4:00PM Studio Theatre
Sat 9/28/19 8:00PM Studio Theatre
Sun 9/29/19 2:00PM Studio Theatre
Wed 10/2/19 1:00PM Studio Theatre
Thu 10/3/19 7:30PM Studio Theatre
Fri 10/4/19 7:30PM Studio Theatre
Sat 10/5/19 4:00PM Studio Theatre
Sat 10/5/19 8:00PM Studio Theatre
Sun 10/6/19 2:00PM Studio Theatre
Thu 10/10/19 7:30PM Studio Theatre
Fri 10/11/19 7:30PM Studio Theatre
Sat 10/12/19 4:00PM Studio Theatre
Sat 10/12/19 8:00PM Studio Theatre
Sun 10/13/19 2:00PM Studio Theatre

Disney's Newsies The Musical
Fri 11/15/19 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Sat 11/16/19 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Sun 11/17/19 2:00PM Cabot Theatre
Wed 11/20/19 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Thu 11/21/19 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Fri 11/22/19 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Sat 11/23/19 2:00PM Cabot Theatre
Sat 11/23/19 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Sun 11/24/19 2:00PM Cabot Theatre
Tue 11/26/19 6:30PM Cabot Theatre
Fri 11/29/19 2:00PM Cabot Theatre
Fri 11/29/19 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Sat 11/30/19 2:00PM Cabot Theatre
Sat 11/30/19 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Sun 12/1/19 2:00PM Cabot Theatre
Wed 12/4/19 2:00PM Cabot Theatre
Thu 12/5/19 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Fri 12/6/19 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Sat 12/7/19 2:00PM Cabot Theatre
Sat 12/7/19 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Sun 12/8/19 2:00PM Cabot Theatre
Wed 12/11/19 2:00PM Cabot Theatre
Wed 12/11/19 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Thu 12/12/19 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Fri 12/13/19 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Sat 12/14/19 2:00PM Cabot Theatre
Sat 12/14/19 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Sun 12/15/19 2:00PM Cabot Theatre
Wed 12/18/19 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Thu 12/19/19 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Fri 12/20/19 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Sat 12/21/19 2:00PM Cabot Theatre
Sat 12/21/19 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Sun 12/22/19 2:00PM Cabot Theatre

Jeeves at Sea
In Margaret Raether’s fourth P.G. Wodehouse adaptation, can Jeeves prevent his master from being murdered – or worse, married?
Fri 11/22/19 7:30PM Studio Theatre
Sat 11/23/19 8:00PM Studio Theatre
Sun 11/24/19 2:00PM Studio Theatre
Wed 11/27/19 1:00PM Studio Theatre
Fri 11/29/19 7:30PM Studio Theatre
Sat 11/30/19 4:00PM Studio Theatre
Sat 11/30/19 8:00PM Studio Theatre
Sun 12/1/19 2:00PM Studio Theatre
Thu 12/5/19 7:30PM Studio Theatre
Fri 12/6/19 7:30PM Studio Theatre
Sat 12/7/19 4:00PM Studio Theatre
Sat 12/7/19 8:00PM Studio Theatre
Sun 12/8/19 2:00PM Studio Theatre
Wed 12/11/19 1:00PM Studio Theatre
Wed 12/11/19 7:30PM Studio Theatre
Thu 12/12/19 7:30PM Studio Theatre
Fri 12/13/19 7:30PM Studio Theatre
Sat 12/14/19 4:00PM Studio Theatre
Sat 12/14/19 8:00PM Studio Theatre
Sun 12/15/19 2:00PM Studio Theatre
Wed 12/18/19 7:30PM Studio Theatre
Thu 12/19/19 7:30PM Studio Theatre
Fri 12/20/19 7:30PM Studio Theatre
Sat 12/21/19 4:00PM Studio Theatre
Sat 12/21/19 8:00PM Studio Theatre
Sun 12/22/19 2:00PM Studio Theatre

No Wake
This world premiere by Wisconsin writer Erica Berman is a humorous and poignant tale of two individuals learning to take back control of their lives.
Fri 2/21/20 7:30PM Studio Theatre
Sat 2/22/20 8:00PM Studio Theatre
Sun 2/23/20 2:00PM Studio Theatre
Wed 2/26/20 1:00PM Studio Theatre
Wed 2/26/20 7:30PM Studio Theatre
Thu 2/27/20 7:30PM Studio Theatre
Fri 2/28/20 7:30PM Studio Theatre
Sat 2/29/20 4:00PM Studio Theatre
Sat 2/29/20 8:00PM Studio Theatre
Sun 3/1/20 2:00PM Studio Theatre
Thu 3/5/20 7:30PM Studio Theatre
Fri 3/6/20 7:30PM Studio Theatre
Sat 3/7/20 4:00PM Studio Theatre
Sat 3/7/20 8:00PM Studio Theatre
Sun 3/8/20 2:00PM Studio Theatre
Wed 3/11/20 1:00PM Studio Theatre
Thu 3/12/20 7:30PM Studio Theatre
Fri 3/13/20 7:30PM Studio Theatre
Sat 3/14/20 4:00PM Studio Theatre
Sat 3/14/20 8:00PM Studio Theatre
Sun 3/15/20 2:00PM Studio Theatre

Gently Down the Stream
Martin Sherman reflects on the triumphs and heartbreaks of gay lives in the modern era, in a remarkably moving, brilliant love story that spans more than a decade.
Fri 4/24/20 7:30PM Studio Theatre
Sat 4/25/20 8:00PM Studio Theatre
Sun 4/26/20 2:00PM Studio Theatre
Wed 4/29/20 1:00PM Studio Theatre
Wed 4/29/20 7:30PM Studio Theatre
Thu 4/30/20 7:30PM Studio Theatre
Fri 5/1/20 7:30PM Studio Theatre
Sat 5/2/20 4:00PM Studio Theatre
Sat 5/2/20 8:00PM Studio Theatre
Sun 5/3/20 2:00PM Studio Theatre
Wed 5/6/20 1:00PM Studio Theatre
Thu 5/7/20 7:30PM Studio Theatre
Fri 5/8/20 7:30PM Studio Theatre
Sat 5/9/20 4:00PM Studio Theatre
Sat 5/9/20 8:00PM Studio Theatre
Sun 5/10/20 2:00PM Studio Theatre
Thu 5/14/20 7:30PM Studio Theatre
Fri 5/15/20 7:30PM Studio Theatre
Sat 5/16/20 4:00PM Studio Theatre
Sat 5/16/20 8:00PM Studio Theatre
Sun 5/17/20 2:00PM Studio Theatre