Broadway Theatre Center

The Broadway Theatre Center houses two unique theaters: the 358-seat Cabot Theatre, a replication of an 18th-century European opera house and the 99-seat Studio Theatre, a versatile black box space. Skylight Music Theatre owns and operates the Broadway Theatre Center at 158 N. Broadway in Milwaukee’s Historic Third Ward.

The Broadway Theatre Center is home to three performing theatre companies

Event Listings

Russian Transport
A rowdy Russian immigrant family living and hustling in Brooklyn’s underbelly scrambles to get by. Dark family secrets emerge when their dangerously charming Uncle Boris arrives from Russia. Just after bear hugs and shots of vodka are exchanged, Boris begins exerting a sinister influence on the whole family. How far are they willing to go to achieve the American Dream? RUSSIAN TRANSPORT is an engrossing moral thriller about family, immigration, and human trafficking.
Sat 1/20/18 4:00PM Studio Theatre
Sat 1/20/18 8:00PM Studio Theatre
Sun 1/21/18 2:00PM Studio Theatre
Wed 1/24/18 7:30PM Studio Theatre
Thu 1/25/18 7:30PM Studio Theatre
Fri 1/26/18 7:30PM Studio Theatre
Sat 1/27/18 4:00PM Studio Theatre
Sat 1/27/18 8:00PM Studio Theatre
Sun 1/28/18 2:00PM Studio Theatre
Wed 1/31/18 7:30PM Studio Theatre
Thu 2/1/18 7:30PM Studio Theatre
Fri 2/2/18 7:30PM Studio Theatre
Sat 2/3/18 4:00PM Studio Theatre
Sun 2/4/18 2:00PM Studio Theatre
Wed 2/7/18 1:00PM Studio Theatre
Wed 2/7/18 7:30PM Studio Theatre
Thu 2/8/18 7:30PM Studio Theatre
Fri 2/9/18 7:30PM Studio Theatre
Sat 2/10/18 4:00PM Studio Theatre
Sun 2/11/18 2:00PM Studio Theatre

Zombies from The Beyond
In this musical comedy set in 1955, a flying saucer lands in Milwaukee, threatening the good folks at the fictional Milwaukee Space Center. "Zombies from The Beyond" is an irresistible, satirical spin on 50’s pulp space-alien flicks. Recommended for ages 12 and up.
Fri 2/2/18 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Sat 2/3/18 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Sun 2/4/18 2:00PM Cabot Theatre
Wed 2/7/18 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Fri 2/9/18 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Sat 2/10/18 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Sun 2/11/18 2:00PM Cabot Theatre
Wed 2/14/18 2:00PM Cabot Theatre
Wed 2/14/18 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Thu 2/15/18 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Fri 2/16/18 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Sat 2/17/18 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Sun 2/18/18 2:00PM Cabot Theatre

The Brothers Size
Featuring Marques Causey, Travis Knight, and Andrew Muwonge
Ogun Size is focused and straightforward. His younger brother Oshoosi wanders aimlessly after his recent release from prison. Each seeks to be free -- Ogun of worry for his brother and Oshoosi simply of the bayou country of Louisiana. So when Elegba, a man who served time with Oshoosi, arrives with an offer of a free car, the gift becomes a temptation - and perhaps a trap. Based on West African myths and rich in poetry and song, Tarell Alvin McCraney's profound play is a tough and tender drama about what it means to brother and be brothered.
Co-Sponsored by: Jamshed & Deborah Patel Harley-Davidson Motor Company
Thu 2/22/18 7:30PM Studio Theatre
Fri 2/23/18 8:00PM Studio Theatre
Sat 2/24/18 4:00PM Studio Theatre
Sat 2/24/18 8:00PM Studio Theatre
Sun 2/25/18 2:00PM Studio Theatre
Wed 2/28/18 1:00PM Studio Theatre
Wed 2/28/18 7:30PM Studio Theatre
Thu 3/1/18 7:30PM Studio Theatre
Fri 3/2/18 8:00PM Studio Theatre
Sat 3/3/18 4:00PM Studio Theatre
Sat 3/3/18 8:00PM Studio Theatre
Sun 3/4/18 2:00PM Studio Theatre
Thu 3/8/18 7:30PM Studio Theatre
Fri 3/9/18 8:00PM Studio Theatre
Sat 3/10/18 4:00PM Studio Theatre
Sat 3/10/18 8:00PM Studio Theatre
Sun 3/11/18 2:00PM Studio Theatre
Wed 3/14/18 7:30PM Studio Theatre
Thu 3/15/18 7:30PM Studio Theatre
Fri 3/16/18 8:00PM Studio Theatre
Sat 3/17/18 4:00PM Studio Theatre
Sat 3/17/18 8:00PM Studio Theatre
Sun 3/18/18 2:00PM Studio Theatre

The Tales of Hoffmann
Skylight Music Theatre and Milwaukee Opera Theatre unite forces in this imaginative and kinetic adaptation of Offenbach’s "The Tales of Hoffmann". Newly translated, and freshly re-orchestrated, the band will join the singers onstage in this intimate and unforgettable experience. Recommended for ages 12 and up.
Fri 3/16/18 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Sat 3/17/18 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Sun 3/18/18 2:00PM Cabot Theatre
Wed 3/21/18 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Fri 3/23/18 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Sat 3/24/18 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Sun 3/25/18 2:00PM Cabot Theatre
Tue 3/27/18 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Wed 3/28/18 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Thu 3/29/18 7:30PM Cabot Theatre

Top Girls
Marlene is thrilled to receive a merit-based promotion to Managing Director over her senior male colleagues. To celebrate she hosts a dinner party at a posh restaurant for five legendary women from history, myth and literature. Subsequently, these ladies become Marlene’s co-workers, clients, and relatives — all of whom rejoice in their successes but lament the sacrifices required to “have-it-all.”
Caryl Churchill’s masterwork of contemporary theater, TOP GIRLS, is a sharp, imaginative and profound examination of the choices women continue to face.
Fri 4/6/18 7:30PM Studio Theatre
Sat 4/7/18 4:00PM Studio Theatre
Sat 4/7/18 8:00PM Studio Theatre
Sun 4/8/18 2:00PM Studio Theatre
Wed 4/11/18 7:30PM Studio Theatre
Thu 4/12/18 7:30PM Studio Theatre
Fri 4/13/18 7:30PM Studio Theatre
Sat 4/14/18 4:00PM Studio Theatre
Sat 4/14/18 8:00PM Studio Theatre
Sun 4/15/18 2:00PM Studio Theatre
Wed 4/18/18 7:30PM Studio Theatre
Thu 4/19/18 7:30PM Studio Theatre
Fri 4/20/18 7:30PM Studio Theatre
Sat 4/21/18 4:00PM Studio Theatre
Sun 4/22/18 2:00PM Studio Theatre
Wed 4/25/18 1:00PM Studio Theatre
Wed 4/25/18 7:30PM Studio Theatre
Thu 4/26/18 7:30PM Studio Theatre
Fri 4/27/18 7:30PM Studio Theatre
Sat 4/28/18 4:00PM Studio Theatre
Sun 4/29/18 2:00PM Studio Theatre

Featuring Colleen Madden, April Paul, Malkia Stampley, Marcus Truschinski
In 1964, at a Catholic church and school in the Bronx, there is a secret. Sister Aloysius is certain she knows it. But that is not enough - not when she believes the sinner is the parish priest himself, and his victim is the boy who has just become the school's first black student. Equipped with nothing but her moral certainty, Sister Aloysius embarks on a personal crusade with devastating consequences. John Patrick Shanley's Pulitzer and Tony-winning play is a master study in the crushing weight of ambiguity, a complex clash of perspectives that leaves nothing certain.
Co-Sponsored by: John Holland Marianne and Sheldon B. Lubar Dick and Diane Wright
Thu 4/12/18 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Fri 4/13/18 8:00PM Cabot Theatre
Sat 4/14/18 8:00PM Cabot Theatre
Sun 4/15/18 2:00PM Cabot Theatre
Wed 4/18/18 1:00PM Cabot Theatre
Wed 4/18/18 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Thu 4/19/18 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Fri 4/20/18 8:00PM Cabot Theatre
Sat 4/21/18 4:00PM Cabot Theatre
Sat 4/21/18 8:00PM Cabot Theatre
Sun 4/22/18 2:00PM Cabot Theatre
Wed 4/25/18 1:00PM Cabot Theatre
Thu 4/26/18 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Fri 4/27/18 8:00PM Cabot Theatre
Sat 4/28/18 4:00PM Cabot Theatre
Sat 4/28/18 8:00PM Cabot Theatre
Sun 4/29/18 2:00PM Cabot Theatre

Winner of three Tony Awards, this outrageous satire takes on the legal system, social irresponsibility, corporate mismanagement… and musical theatre! In a Gotham-like city, a drought leads to a ban on private toilets, regulated by a malevolent company. Recommended for ages 14 and up.
Fri 5/18/18 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Sat 5/19/18 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Sun 5/20/18 2:00PM Cabot Theatre
Wed 5/23/18 2:00PM Cabot Theatre
Thu 5/24/18 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Fri 5/25/18 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Sat 5/26/18 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Sun 5/27/18 2:00PM Cabot Theatre
Wed 5/30/18 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Thu 5/31/18 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Fri 6/1/18 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Sat 6/2/18 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Sun 6/3/18 2:00PM Cabot Theatre
Wed 6/6/18 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Thu 6/7/18 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Fri 6/8/18 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Sat 6/9/18 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Sun 6/10/18 2:00PM Cabot Theatre