Broadway Theatre Center

The Broadway Theatre Center houses two unique theaters: the 358-seat Cabot Theatre, a replication of an 18th-century European opera house and the 99-seat Studio Theatre, a versatile black box space. Skylight Music Theatre owns and operates the Broadway Theatre Center at 158 N. Broadway in Milwaukee’s Historic Third Ward.

The Broadway Theatre Center is home to three performing theatre companies

Event Listings

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Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Jersey Lily
History meets mystery in this delicious take on two of Britain’s greatest minds: the brilliant Oscar Wilde and the incomparable Sherlock Holmes!
Fri 8/10/18 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Sat 8/11/18 8:00PM Cabot Theatre
Sun 8/12/18 2:00PM Cabot Theatre
Wed 8/15/18 1:00PM Cabot Theatre
Wed 8/15/18 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Thu 8/16/18 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Fri 8/17/18 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Sat 8/18/18 4:00PM Cabot Theatre
Sat 8/18/18 8:00PM Cabot Theatre
Sun 8/19/18 2:00PM Cabot Theatre
Wed 8/22/18 1:00PM Cabot Theatre
Thu 8/23/18 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Fri 8/24/18 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Sat 8/25/18 4:00PM Cabot Theatre
Sat 8/25/18 8:00PM Cabot Theatre
Sun 8/26/18 2:00PM Cabot Theatre

A chance encounter between animal lovers brings two lonely Irish hearts together for one more romantic adventure.
Fri 9/21/18 7:30PM Studio Theatre
Sat 9/22/18 8:00PM Studio Theatre
Sun 9/23/18 2:00PM Studio Theatre
Wed 9/26/18 1:00PM Studio Theatre
Wed 9/26/18 7:30PM Studio Theatre
Thu 9/27/18 7:30PM Studio Theatre
Fri 9/28/18 7:30PM Studio Theatre
Sat 9/29/18 4:00PM Studio Theatre
Sat 9/29/18 8:00PM Studio Theatre
Sun 9/30/18 2:00PM Studio Theatre
Wed 10/3/18 7:30PM Studio Theatre
Thu 10/4/18 7:30PM Studio Theatre
Fri 10/5/18 7:30PM Studio Theatre
Sat 10/6/18 4:00PM Studio Theatre
Sat 10/6/18 8:00PM Studio Theatre
Sun 10/7/18 2:00PM Studio Theatre
Wed 10/10/18 1:00PM Studio Theatre
Thu 10/11/18 7:30PM Studio Theatre
Fri 10/12/18 7:30PM Studio Theatre
Sat 10/13/18 4:00PM Studio Theatre
Sat 10/13/18 8:00PM Studio Theatre
Sun 10/14/18 2:00PM Studio Theatre

SK Hairspray
You can’t stop the beat in this big, bold, beloved story of a teenager’s triumphant transformation from social outcast to TV star who fights for everyone’s rights.
Fri 11/16/18 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Sat 11/17/18 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Sun 11/18/18 2:00PM Cabot Theatre
Fri 11/23/18 2:00PM Cabot Theatre
Fri 11/23/18 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Sat 11/24/18 2:00PM Cabot Theatre
Sat 11/24/18 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Sun 11/25/18 2:00PM Cabot Theatre
Wed 11/28/18 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Thu 11/29/18 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Fri 11/30/18 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Sat 12/1/18 2:00PM Cabot Theatre
Sat 12/1/18 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Sun 12/2/18 2:00PM Cabot Theatre
Wed 12/5/18 2:00PM Cabot Theatre
Thu 12/6/18 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Fri 12/7/18 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Sat 12/8/18 2:00PM Cabot Theatre
Sat 12/8/18 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Sun 12/9/18 2:00PM Cabot Theatre
Wed 12/12/18 2:00PM Cabot Theatre
Wed 12/12/18 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Thu 12/13/18 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Fri 12/14/18 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Sat 12/15/18 2:00PM Cabot Theatre
Sat 12/15/18 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Sun 12/16/18 2:00PM Cabot Theatre
Wed 12/19/18 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Thu 12/20/18 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Fri 12/21/18 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Sat 12/22/18 2:00PM Cabot Theatre
Sat 12/22/18 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Sun 12/23/18 2:00PM Cabot Theatre

Christmas in Babylon
World Premiere! Wisconsin’s own James DeVita presents a holiday comedy about two people trying to forgive each other – and themselves – for the past.
Fri 11/23/18 7:30PM Studio Theatre
Sat 11/24/18 8:00PM Studio Theatre
Sun 11/25/18 2:00PM Studio Theatre
Wed 11/28/18 1:00PM Studio Theatre
Wed 11/28/18 7:30PM Studio Theatre
Thu 11/29/18 7:30PM Studio Theatre
Fri 11/30/18 7:30PM Studio Theatre
Sat 12/1/18 4:00PM Studio Theatre
Sat 12/1/18 8:00PM Studio Theatre
Sun 12/2/18 2:00PM Studio Theatre
Wed 12/5/18 7:30PM Studio Theatre
Thu 12/6/18 7:30PM Studio Theatre
Fri 12/7/18 7:30PM Studio Theatre
Sat 12/8/18 4:00PM Studio Theatre
Sat 12/8/18 8:00PM Studio Theatre
Sun 12/9/18 2:00PM Studio Theatre
Wed 12/12/18 1:00PM Studio Theatre
Wed 12/12/18 7:30PM Studio Theatre
Thu 12/13/18 7:30PM Studio Theatre
Fri 12/14/18 7:30PM Studio Theatre
Sat 12/15/18 4:00PM Studio Theatre
Sat 12/15/18 8:00PM Studio Theatre
Sun 12/16/18 2:00PM Studio Theatre
Wed 12/19/18 7:30PM Studio Theatre
Thu 12/20/18 7:30PM Studio Theatre
Fri 12/21/18 7:30PM Studio Theatre
Sat 12/22/18 4:00PM Studio Theatre
Sat 12/22/18 8:00PM Studio Theatre
Sun 12/23/18 2:00PM Studio Theatre

Strange Snow
When Megs knocks on his old war buddy’s door to announce the start of fishing season, he never suspects his friend’s older sister will open the door – to a myriad of wondrous new possibilities for all three.
Fri 2/22/19 7:30PM Studio Theatre
Sat 2/23/19 8:00PM Studio Theatre
Sun 2/24/19 2:00PM Studio Theatre
Wed 2/27/19 1:00PM Studio Theatre
Wed 2/27/19 7:30PM Studio Theatre
Thu 2/28/19 7:30PM Studio Theatre
Fri 3/1/19 7:30PM Studio Theatre
Sat 3/2/19 4:00PM Studio Theatre
Sat 3/2/19 8:00PM Studio Theatre
Sun 3/3/19 2:00PM Studio Theatre
Wed 3/6/19 7:30PM Studio Theatre
Thu 3/7/19 7:30PM Studio Theatre
Fri 3/8/19 7:30PM Studio Theatre
Sat 3/9/19 4:00PM Studio Theatre
Sat 3/9/19 8:00PM Studio Theatre
Sun 3/10/19 2:00PM Studio Theatre
Wed 3/13/19 1:00PM Studio Theatre
Thu 3/14/19 7:30PM Studio Theatre
Fri 3/15/19 7:30PM Studio Theatre
Sat 3/16/19 4:00PM Studio Theatre
Sat 3/16/19 8:00PM Studio Theatre
Sun 3/17/19 2:00PM Studio Theatre

Ben Butler
This battle of wits for the soul of a nation defies simple characterization – part comedy, part historical drama, part biography, and often all at the same time!
Fri 4/12/19 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Sat 4/13/19 8:00PM Cabot Theatre
Sun 4/14/19 2:00PM Cabot Theatre
Wed 4/17/19 1:00PM Cabot Theatre
Wed 4/17/19 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Thu 4/18/19 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Fri 4/19/19 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Sat 4/20/19 4:00PM Cabot Theatre
Sat 4/20/19 8:00PM Cabot Theatre
Wed 4/24/19 1:00PM Cabot Theatre
Thu 4/25/19 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Fri 4/26/19 7:30PM Cabot Theatre
Sat 4/27/19 4:00PM Cabot Theatre
Sat 4/27/19 8:00PM Cabot Theatre
Sun 4/28/19 2:00PM Cabot Theatre